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29 may

New Hencon AGV is next step in mobile solutions

In the light metal production industry, with its 24/7 continuity of operation, there is a constant challenge to further improve the safe working environment. Hencon stepped into this challenge by developing a solution for  the transportation of anodes without operators.

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21 apr

Another batch of Automated Guided Vehicles in production

Hencon builds another 4 AGVs to be used in an Aluminium Potroom. AGVs are often bought to increase safety, to increase stable production and to minimize the total cost of process.  

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We realize that your main concern is your output and your quality. Your machines should perform in order to keep your plant running and reach these output levels. Our machines are designed to perform in the hot smelter environment with high magnetic fields, in the dusty mines with rough operators and in the secondary aluminium industry where space is often an issue.

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hot metal transport

"Thanks to Hencon we achieved an uptime of 95%, therefore we actually need less machines"

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